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Helping you to help your pets

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All prices include VAT at current rate


First Consultation – Dog/Cat/Small Mammal/ Exotic £40.00
Repeat consultation – all species £29.50
Exotic referral/ second opinion consultation £120.00
Exotics beak / nail/ wing trim £24.80
Bird beak correction with GA £77.30
Nurse Consultation FREE
Prescriptions £13.13


First Dog Vaccination £44.65
Second Dog Vaccination £44.65
Annual Dog Booster £46.31
Kennel Cough Vaccination £41.89
First Cat Vaccination £50.00
Second Cat Vaccination £50.00
Annual Cat Booster £50.00
Rabbit Combined Myxomatosis/ RHD1 +2 triple vaccination
(will include free nurse check or discounted vet check six months post-vaccination if booked at vaccination)
RHD-2 only vaccines available on request


All spay and dog castrate prices include a 3 day post operative course of painkillers

Dog Castrate – Small £170.89
Dog Castrate – Medium £187.43
Dog Castrate – Large £210.00
Dog Castrate – Giant £253.57
Bitch Spay – Small £231.53
Bitch Spay – Medium £303.19
Bitch Spay – Large £374.86
Bitch Spay – Giant £441.00
Laparoscopic (keyhole) spay  – additional £150.00
Cat Castrate £74.98
Cat Spay £109.15
Small Mammal Castrate £77.17
Small Mammal Spay (to include 3 days’ post-op pain relief drugs) £121.27
Ferret Vasectomy £138.48
Ferret Suprelorin hormone implant £120.00



Cat/Dog/ small mammal Microchip £30.00
Cat/Dog/ small mammal Microchip with other procedure £25.00
Bird/ reptile microchip £50.00


Dog/ cat dental prices on application dependent on time and extent of procedure

Rabbit/ rodent dental (incl GA) £165.37
Rabbit/ rodent dental (incl GA and xray and critical care sachet) £231.53


Fees do NOT include any contrast media or additional procedures. These will be discussed with you prior to the procedure
1st scan ex GA/ sedation £550.00
Additional scans (at same time) £275.00


Registered* Clients

Out of hours day appointment £143.33
Out of hours night appointment £200.00

Non-registered clients

Out of hours day appointment £241.50
Out of hours night appointment £315.00
* For out of hours charges, a registered client is defined as a client who has been seen for any reason in last 18 months.

Budgeting Payments

We do understand that times are difficult and that vet bills are sometimes unavoidable and hard to pay.

To help with this we can arrange budgeted payments.

While we prefer to be paid in full at the time of your appointment and do insist on this wherever possible, pre arranged (with the Directors) budgeting can be arranged for registered clients.

In the case of routine procedures (vaccinations, neutering, etc) this must be started before the procedure with a maximum of four installments. The final payment must be before, or at the time of the procedure.

For treatment of sick animals we are happy to discuss budgeting at the time and can arrange variable terms over variable periods. However, if payments lapse we will pursue payment in the normal manner.

Payments can be made by cash, cheque, credit cards (including over-the-phone payment) and BACS.

Remember! If you may have problems affording veterinary treatment, pet insurance is a very good idea. We are always happy to deal directly with the insurance companies so we are paid directly by them, though you will need to pay an excess as applicable for that policy.