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Helping you to help your pets

Tel: 01264 729 165   Fax: 01264 324 546

Lost and found pets

What to do if you lose your pet..

If your pet is lost, here is a useful checklist of local contacts who can help you find your dog or cat

Please call on 01264 729165. We will need to know:

  • Your pet’s description
  • Male/ female: entire or neutered
  • Any identifying collar/ tag, microchips, etc
  • Your name and address
  • Area where lost and time when lost
  • Other local vets

We will also ask if you’d like us to advertise your lost pet on our facebook page and twitter feed. If you can, please email us ( a photo of your pet for our facebook page

RSPCA 0300 1234 555

For dogs

  • Dog Warden 01264 368000
  • Dogs Trust 01488 658391 (Newbury) or 01980 629634 (Salisbury)

For cats

What to do if you find a lost pet

If you find a lost pet, check for obvious identifying marks or tags that may enable you to contact the owner directly

If there are none call the numbers above and let them know a full description of the animal and where it was found. You may be asked to keep hold of the animal for a limited period until someone can take charge

If the pet is injured, call us directly on 01264 729165 – if a mild injury we may ask you to wait a short period until our next surgery. If severe, the animal will be seen as an emergency

In these cases we will carry out emergency care but will try to avoid costly investigations/ repairs until the owner is located. However, all necessary treatment to keep your lost pet out of pain will be given. For this we may ask you to cover costs on collection. We always scan lost pets for microchips and try to contact owners as quickly as possible.