What you will find at Anton Vets….

We are very proud of our newly expanded clinic and hope you will be too.
Here, we have

  • Large waiting area
  • Private waiting area for pets who need a little space and privacy!
  • 6 consulting rooms
  • Lots of equipment for diagnostics and therapeutics
  • Imaging suite for xray and ultrasound
  • Large clean theatre with space for three operating tables and endoscopy stack. This room can be deep cleaned regularly and allows us to reduce chances of wound infection
  • Separate scrub/ prep room where pets are prepared for the clean theatre or where non-sterile procedures can take place
  • Separate dental area to reduce cross-contamination between pets
  • Bereavement Suite for comfort and privacy during the most difficult visit of all
  • Separate wards for hospitalising pets because different pets have very different needs
    • Dog ward
    • Cat ward
    • Two separate isolation wards for dogs and cats which allow barrier nursing of pets with suspected infectious diseases
    • Small mammal ward for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, rats, mice, sugar gliders …and many others (though not ferrets as these may scare rabbits and rodents! Fortunately, ferrets and cats do not worry each other so ferrets are hospitalised in the cat ward!)
    • Exotics ward for birds reptiles and amphibia

Above all, you will find friendly experienced knowledgeable and caring vets, nurses and receptionists ready to listen to your concerns and help your pet
We do hold regular Open Days when the public are invited to visit and see round our clinic. However, if you would like to see round before making the decision to join us, please ring reception and a tour can be arranged during a quiet period

Services Offered

For a range of species we have access to a range of diagnostic equipment

  • Ultrasound
  • Radiography
  • Endoscopy – a range of rigid scopes from 1.2mm to 10mm allows us to perform endoscopic procedures in a range of species. Biopsy samples can be taken via endoscopy. We can also record these procedures and you can have a disc of these recordings. We also have small flexible endoscopes suitable for exotic species as well as cats and small dogs
  • We also have specialised surgical equipment
  • Microsurgery – tiny patients need tiny tools and specialised illumination and magnification loupes
  • Radiosurgery – enables simultaneous cutting and coagulation which is very important in small animals that cannot tolerate blood loss

….endoscopic surgery coming soon!