Nervous cats

Is your cat petrified of the vets?

Don’t worry- many are. At Anton Vets we do our best to make a cat’s visit much less scary:

  • Shelves in waiting areas so cat baskets can be placed high (and next to their owners for reassurance!)
  • Separate quiet waiting area
  • Friendly pheromone diffusers used in waiting areas to calm and reassure cats
  • Special separate consulting room that is never used for dogs – this means that it does not smell so scary for cats
  • Once admitted we have two separate wards for cats (one is adapted as an isolation ward for cats that may have infectious diseases). These have housing that is placed high for reassurance and cats do not face each other to reduce nervousness. The wards are upstairs and well away from noisy dogs in the quietest part of the building- so quiet it’s where the nurses like to go too!

And if your cat really can’t face meeting a dog?

Please let us know- you can leave your cat basket in the car (you can wait in the car with your cat if you like –as long as we know where you are! It really is only a few yards from parking to clinic). We can then let you in and out via a separate entrance

Taking your cat to the vet can be a really traumatic experience but we do try to make this as pleasant as possible. For more practical tips on this see our section on transporting your pet.