Travel Abroad

Anton Vets has several vets licensed to help you with your pet’s travel needs – this includes all species, even birds and reptiles
Whenever this is done, it is very important to remember that requirements for each country do change from time-to-time and we cannot keep up-to-date with this. Please call us in plenty of time before you leave (at least 2 months if possible, apart from Pet Passport countries) so we can help you ensure that all pre-export testing is able to be done.

Pet Passports

As of January 2012, pets require a rabies vaccination at least 3 weeks before your planned return to the UK and these vaccinations should be kept in-date for the passport to be valid.

You no longer need a blood test after vaccination.

Dogs, cats & ferrets returning to the UK need tapeworm treatment 1-5 days before their return.If you are going for less than 5 days this can be done before you leave the UK!

If travelling to Mediterranean countries please talk to us about parasite control (especially sandfly) while abroad.

Exporting to Other Countries

Requirements for these countries are very variable and it is often sensible to work through an exporting agent, eg Airpets
In all cases, contact Defra ( in plenty of time before exporting to get the exact requirements- please then contact us so we can start to act on this.