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Bringing your Pet to the clinic In the interests of your safety while travelling to the clinic and to minimise disturbance and stress while waiting in the clinic please bring your pet in a safe secure carrier or on a suitable leash (always check they can’t slip out of the collar!) If you need any help or advice about suitable carriers for your pet (especially for exotics) please call reception and they will be pleased to help.

House Visits

We are happy to arrange house visits for our registered clients when it is not possible (or in your pet’s best interests) to come to the clinic
However, we do remind you that for most ill pets it is better to come in as we have all our facilities at the clinic.

If you would like a visit please call reception where we can discuss if this is the best option. For non-urgent visits please give us as big a timeframe as possible to arrange this- in a busy practice, it can sometimes take time to arrange!


We have full hospitalisation facilities for a very wide range of pets
We do not routinely have a nurse or vet resident on site but will check all hospitalised patients regularly through the weekends and evenings
All patients will receive care appropriate to their level of need

If this requires 24 hour nursing…they will receive 24 hour nursing!

Preventive Medicine

Just as in human medicine we are aware that there is no “one size fits all” approach to preventive healthcare
This is why we do not offer pet health clubs.

Instead we can offer a range of programs tailored to your individual pet needs and are very happy to discuss these with you
As part of these programs we can offer regular health checks, vaccinations, parasite control and even regular blood or urine checks as is appropriate for your and your pet needs.