Emergency cover

We operate a full 24/7 emergency service from our own premises run by own vets!
To access this please call our normal number 01264 729165 to get the out-of-hours vet’s telephone number (this number may vary from night-to-night so please call the surgery number each time to get the correct number from the answering service)
If urgent, please do not email out-of-hours!

What we can do…

  • We can provide the same medical/ diagnostic/ surgical service for emergency care out of hours as we offer during the normal working day. We do not, however, offer routine vaccination/ neutering/ routine procedures out of hours
  • Access the clinical notes of our registered patients allowing continuity of care even at weekends and Bank Holidays
  • Accept emergency referrals for exotic species, rabbits and small mammals see our exotics page for more details
  • Provide emergency advice for other veterinary surgeons seeing exotics
  • Home visits may be performed in the Andover area only where a pet’s welfare may be severely compromised by transport or where owners cannot physically move the pet. However, we ask that wherever possible pets are brought to the surgery as we have far more facilities on hand in the clinic and a visit may sometimes cause un-necessary delay in giving treatment.

Sadly, we are unable to provide out-of-hours services for the same cost as during the week. Costs of an out-of-hours appointment are:


Registered* Clients

Out of hours day appointment £143.33
Out of hours night appointment £200.00

Non-registered clients

Out of hours day appointment £241.50
Out of hours night appointment £315.00

* For out of hours charges, a registered client is defined as a client who has been seen for any reason in last 18 months.

Please note…the increased fees for unregistered clients reflect the additional costs of liaising with other clinics (where pets are already registered) and for providing out-of-hours services extra to those for our registered clients. They may not apply to those newly moved to the area who have not yet registered their pets

We are very proud to still be able to offer a full 24/7 service through our own clinic – please help us to help you:

  • Please do not call the out-of-hours service for routine procedures or appointments
  • If in doubt, call early – we can often give advice to help you nurse your pet or arrange to see you in-hours